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Company Vision

AMSS aims to excel in customer service, product quality, and innovation. Their policy is to be the top choice supplier for key customers through exceptional products and personalized service.

Our Company Profile


AMSS Uganda has been working as a complete solution provider in the field of Healthcare products and Lab equipment since 2012 in Uganda. Since its inception, the company has strived for providing quality products and timely support services.
Our company’s Head Office is located in Kampala - Uganda. AMSS Uganda has its reach to all regions of Uganda are known as Central, Western, Eastern, and Northern. These four regions are in turn divided into 111 districts plus one city (Kampala).
Management of AMSS Uganda always ensure timely service deliverance and perform with professionalism.
We take great pride in our after sales service. With over trained engineers and a huge investment in public/ Private Sector. we thrive to provide un pararalleed after-sales services.
We represent many world renowned companies and serve Government agencies(MOH, NMS etc), NFP Funders ( GB, PFSCM, USAID etc) & Private sectors.